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The Further Reaches of Adult Development – Robert Kegan

Posted: 25 Apr, 2019
Robert Kegan shares his thoughts on why as a species we are living longer. He explains that medical and technological breakthroughs are allowing us to achieve this, however this does not explain the WHY.  To learn more click on the below link. Viewing time 19.35 minutes. Click here to watch the... Continue Reading »

Understanding Change

Posted: 03 Dec, 2017
A quote from Professor Richard Slaughter, " The entire external world is constantly held together by interior structures of meaning and value". From an integral or holistic perspective this helps us understand when when introducing a change that by making new rules or creating new structures to... Continue Reading »

Bitcoin and the future

Posted: 16 Feb, 2016
People often discount the future because they think the future is unknowable. You cannot learn things you do not know. But that is a fallacy. The future is knowable in exactly the same way as next week’s appointment in your calendar or next week’s weather forecast. They can be known as a set... Continue Reading »

Conscious Reflection

Posted: 17 Jul, 2015
Conscious Reflection Simon Dehne, APF Emerging Fellow In the movie “Lucy’, the character is exposed to a new synthetic drug, that over the course of 24 hours allows her to access a 100% of her brain’s capacity (Wikipedia 2014). This intrigued me, because in some ways this was similar to a... Continue Reading »