Thanks for visiting Conscious Futures. Our work is not about predicting the future, but about helping people think more broader and deeply about our assumptions, ways of thinking and beliefs about the world we live in today. By taking a critical view of how we make make sense of our world, allows us to make wiser decisions and plans for tomorrow.

The benefit is we become more alert of emerging trends that can enhance our business strategies or mitigate possible disruptions.

Our mission is to help people be more conscious of the present and we love doing this through presentations, strategy workshops and future seminars.

So please take the opportunity to reach out and discover how Conscious Futures can make a difference to your organisation.

Simon Dehne

Principal – Conscious Futures

Master Strategic Foresight, Master Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Dip FP, Dip F/MBM, Dip HRM, Cert Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society
Member of the Association of Professional Futurists, Member of the Mortgage and Finance Industry