At a recent workshop with Dr Lisa Lahey from Harvard University, she mentioned to me I might be interested in researching work done by Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University.

This came about as I explored my own immunity to change and some of the challenges I had experienced/felt during the process of learning how to be a facilitator of the Immunity to change process.

This allowed me to discover what a “Fixed Mindset” is versus a “Growth Mindset”. So through the power of Dr Google I discovered this fascinating video that has Professor Dweck talking about how in our society striving for self-perfection is considered a high virtue. What Professor Dweck discovered in her research that wanting to be perfect stops people reaching their potential.

So the key lesson for me is it is not about being perfect or the best but about developing strategies and a mindset that seeks out challenges, looks for things that are hard to do to allow me to grow and become better. I may not be the best, but by challenging myself I will be better then I was before. The video goes for 40 minutes and Professor Dweck manages to deliver it in a very unique way that for me at least leaves me wanting to learn even more…enjoy.