How do you develop creativity

Foresight work helps develop increased capacity and openness. Because how we think when done unconsciously, limit creativity, innovation and resilience. Foresight is as a form of practical imagination. As Jim Dator provacates no matter how ridiculous an idea may seem, it may have real implications for what we do, in short it can impact on how we think and act today. Practical imagination challenges habit, when we challenge the habits that bind us to past memes we immediately become alive to possibilities inherent to the present that had previously been edited out by habit.

Remember, it is not what we think, but the contours  of how we think that influence us and guide our actions. Imagine a river as the water flows, the direction of that flow is guided by the river banks and bed. So away of developing creativity, is to better understand how we know, that is the river banks and bed in which our thinking is formed and guided. Another way of doing this is by learning to reflect on how we make sense of the world, e.g. our worldviews.

And if you think we all think the same way, well just turn on the TV and watch the news. A trained Futurist don’t predict the future they help people and organisations learn how to challenge their assumptions and believes and using the power of the people to learn to inquire and reflect on other peoples perspectives to assist people in adding to what they know by giving them tools to use to listen and inquire with.

Parts of this blog were taken from  a paper written by Marcus Bussey (2014)