Double loop learning

The process of becoming familiar with double loop learning is that you do not gain new information in a sense of new knowledge, but you learn to expand on how and why you think they the way you do. Double loop learning allows me/you to ask why. By learning to reflect on our assumptions (mental models) and making them objective that is we can see them and begin to examine and test them for accuracy. By learning to ask why am I thinking and feeling this way allows us to become more open as to why I behave or react in situations. Why am I right and they are wrong? This can allow us in time to begin to see what is stopping us from achieving those goals that we have not been able to successfully achieve. Double loop learning allows us to reflect on our assumptions, values, beliefs and worldviews so we can learn to adapt. With this greater awareness, we are no longer holden by our unexamined thoughts and can learn to adapt and think and explore alternative views. It literally frees our mind, thus allowing us to adapt and be able to deal with even greater complexity. Instead of worrying about and being frustrated for our inability to adapt, we can now use this this energy to focus on more pressing issues whether it be on our business, family or just being more at ease. By understanding what is trying to protect us is in fact an immunity to change that is holding us back from growing.