Simon’s keynote speaking presentations, are not about predicting the future! They’re are about making explicit our human capacity to use foresight to help us make wiser decisions today so we create our desired or preferred future.

From a business perspective this could be rephrased by saying Simon helps give you navigational tools and ways of thinking to identify opportunities and/or risk mitigation for your organisation.


Consider “All our knowledge is about the past, but all our decisions are about the future”.


With over twenty years of public speaking both in Australia and New York, Simon creates an energised and thought-provoking keynote presentation for conferences, business development days, workshops and other events.


Presentation Structure

The purpose of looking at the future is to disturb the present. Thus Simon’s presentations challenge what we take for granted when thinking about tomorrow might be.

His goal is to share to share why foresight is important, share tools that participants can apply in their organisation and provide emerging trends that may be an opportunity or risk to their current business model in the future.

He provides an examination of people’s assumptions about the future by questioning how and why we think the way we do; rather than just what we think the future will be. He offers thought-provoking observations to challenge the audience on their current image of the future.

By questioning your existing assumptions, beliefs and worldviews; he helps people discover purpose and new insight for the future.

Each presentation is customised to your audience and industry; tailored to discover the emerging social and consumer trends that might impact your business.

Simon’s presentations may make people feel surprised, uncomfortable, angry or experience the “ah ha!” moment.  There is only one certainty:

Presentation learning outcomes

“It’s about the future, but not the obvious one we assume”.