Shorter-Term Cohesion in Thinking About The Future

One of the benefits of thinking about the future is to develop shorter-term conhesion.

In an age of rapid changes and increasing uncertainty, how can we think 5, 10 or even 20 years into the future? How is such a long term horizon relevant for to today? If you are a CEO or a leader of an organisation a long term horizon is extremly relevant to the present.

By thinking about the future and engaging in a process that leads to the collective development of a vision for developing a desired future for the organisation and all stakeholders. The organisations plan can then be developed outlining how the organisations Vision can be achieved.

By thinking about the future this helps identify or create shared objectives for the future direction for the organisations activities and creates explicit priorities.

Such a long-term approach therefore ensures strategic cohesion and informed planning consistency that arises from knowing where we are headed TODAY!

Strategic foresight planning sessions provide a framework that enhances peoples thinking, creativity and imagination that allows for a vision for the future to be created that people want to sign up for and be inspired by it to enhance its success.