Staffless coffee shop

Interesting concept, we see this model emerging in supermarkets to a degree, could the model be expanded to other services such as hotel accommodation, car rentals, cinema’s etc.

The concept of paying online continues to grow, my daughter and I went to the movies with prepaid tickets and walked straight into the cinema as we passed a 10 minute line of people waiting to buy tickets.

Using a process known as systems thinking, we can learn to discover how we are interconnected to everything in the system. By mapping the impact on how events may respond we can learn to design better ways of meeting human needs. In future blogs I will start to explain in more detail how systems thinking can help us in business. The key message for today is humans live in 2 systems, that is 1. the system of nature and 2. the human system. The human system is self constructed, in other words humans/people created it in other words we created our own problems and so we can solve these same problems. The key is we probably cannot do this using the same thinking that creating these problems in the first place. Chris Argyris suggests people need to learn news ways of thinking. One process is using double loop learning and organisational learning, thus we can begin to learn the process of adaptive thinking. In upcoming blogs, I will start to spend more time unpacking this thinking. I hope you will not mine my personal indulgence around these blogs because in many ways as I write my thoughts down, the process is one of helping me make sense of it, plus to find ways to make it useful for me and for others.

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